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Maintenance & Engineering: Going for the Gold

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Thursday afternoon before London 2012 began, we had our weekly team meeting.  Someone brought up the idea of office "Games," and we all agreed it would be a great way to bring the department together.
We decided to dress up the following day like world class athletes, go to breakfast with the department in The Landing (our Headquarters cafeteria), and then spend Friday afternoon coming up with games to play.  Some of the games were inspired by the television show "Minute to Win It."  Other games were inspired by actual competitions you'd find in London.  And some of them we just pulled out of nowhere.  Our goal was to have the games only last for 30 minutes a day, so we could still focus on work.  They were also playing during lunch, so everyone had the opportunity to participate.

In the end, we were all winners, and it was a great way to bring the department together.  We have laughed so hard we cried, we've created friendly rivalries, and certainly improved our closest Southwest Family.