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Making A Difference: Adopt-A-Pilot Program Going Strong in GSP

Adventurer A

Landing one of Southwest’s red bellies at Greenville-Spartanburg on March 12 to kick off Southwest’s inaugural weekend celebration was just the beginning of Captain Bert Godwin’s involvement in his hometown airport. Last month, Captain Godwin took his Adopt-A-Pilot class from Westcliff Elementary school to the GSP airport to have the opportunity to experience aviation first-hand. GSP Station Manager Brian Williams joined Captain Godwin along with Westcliff fifth –grade teacher Mark Joseph to meet with an Air Traffic Controller, talk with airport Employees to learn about their jobs and responsibilities, tour the airport and watch a Southwest plane land, and even enjoy some pizza. Nearly 90 percent of the students shared they had never been inside an airport. From this video courtesy of Greenville HD at, you’ll see the impact Southwest is already having in the Upstate community and the difference Captain Godwin is making with his involvement in the Adopt-A-Pilot program now going 14 years strong.