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40 Years in 40 Days: Class of 2010

Retired Community Manager

Growing up, I was terrified of flying. The concept of embarking on the sky in a huge, heavy metal flying machine boggled my young mind.  I hope that's not sacrilege, and I still marvel at certain facets of how we make it into the air.
My aerophobia came from my Dad's side of the family.  I suppose I grew out of it around my high school years, and gradually into my Mom's genes (she worked for many years as a Flight Attendant).

As I write this (on a plane), I think of how far I've come in this short adventure at Southwest.  Already, I feel like I have been at Southwest for years and years.  The sky has become my second home.

There are so many moments I can single out and personify to convey why this job means so much to me.  I'm at a loss for which to choose.

So instead, I choose all of them.  Every single interaction I've had.

From Sharing the Spirit around Communities we serve, to brainstorming new ideas and finding a way to see those ideas properly take flight--I am blessed.

I value everyone I've met so tremendously, Employees and Customers alike, that I'd like to use this space to let you all know that.

Even during my island vacation where I chipped away at this post, I had a certain yearning to be included in the buzz of daily work.

And really, when you're voluntarily digitally interacting with your Coworkers while waves are crashing just feet in front of you, under lush palm trees and a blue island sky?

That about says it all.  And if it doesn't, a picture's worth a thousand words.
First Trip (to ELP)
My first trip as a Southwest Employee (to ELP)

Herb and Colleen
Meeting Herb and Colleen at the Dallas LUV Classic

Halloween at Headquarters

Volunteering in Dallas
Volunteering in Dallas with the Communications Team

Cake Boss
Cake Boss Cake Up Close and Personal

Sharing the Spirit in Newark

Brooks with Gary
With CEO Gary Kelly at the Chili Cookoff

Celebrating OneLUV in Milwaukee!

To get Employees and Customers amped up for Southwest’s 40th anniversary, we are having a special blog series—40 Years in 40 Days.  Beginning May 9, we will post one rockin’ blog post per day, counting down the days until our anniversary on June 18.  The posts—written by 40 Southwest Employees who were hired in each one of our 40 years—will offer a unique perspective of living the life of LUV at our legendary carrier.
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