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Meet “Connector” Greta Greenberger: Building Unity in the City of Brotherly Love


Greta Greenberger knows the value of fostering meaningful connections in her everyday life. As the recently-retired director of Philadelphia City Hall Tours and Visitor Center, Greta has been in the business of connecting those around her to their home city for more than 25 years. On any given day, she may be found investing in friendships or helping facilitate pivotal programs that foster the arts and culture of Philadelphia. “I want to build unity in both big and small ways; I want to make people feel comfortable,” she shares. “I want both our permanent residents and our visitors to know that everyone is welcome here.”


Greta proved integral to the success of Southwest Airlines’ 2016 Heart of the Community Grant to Philadelphia’s City Hall Courtyard, serving as a visionary from the beginning, an active proponent of the project throughout, and a selector of the final design at the end. Known as a dynamic “connector” in her community, Greta helped bring together the many pieces of the project that led to its final success.


What most makes Greta’s heart swell with joy? “When the project was launched, the courtyard filled with people at lunchtime enjoying the activities,” Greta shares. “I looked around, and I saw a little girl dancing to the beat of the music. She just couldn’t stop! I saw another couple stand up and start dancing too. ‘YES!’ I thought. It was all that we hoped for—it was beautiful.” City Hall is an institution of 110 years old this year, but it is evolving in new and exciting ways. The courtyard is an example of how this historic place can serve as a platform for building unity, civility, and friendships.


Do you know a “connector” like Greta in your community?


The Southwest Airlines Heart of the Community grants supports the creation of spaces and opportunities that build connections and bring people together to strengthen communities for a more resilient future. To learn more about Philadelphia’s City Hall Courtyard, visit