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Mile High Cheers For Five Great Years in Denver!

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Yesterday, Southwest Airlines celebrated the fifth anniversary of our return to Denver, and I couldn’t be more proud!  Our service began back in 2006, and it’s amazing how far our operation has come in just five short years.  We started with 13 flights per day and about 45 Employees; we now have 144 flights per day and are approaching 600 Employees.  Denver is now the fifth largest city in our network, and I must commend our hardworking folks for keeping their Warrior Spirits alive, and providing our Customers with the level of Customer Service they have come to expect from Southwest Airlines.

Today, Southwest Employees from across the system came to Denver to treat our Employees and Customers to an anniversary celebration in the airport, complete with complimentary treats, FUN games, and prizes! 

This truly is a day for the Denver Employees to celebrate and to be proud of all that we have accomplished here.  We’ve not only made a positive impact on our Customers here at the airport, but out in the Denver Community, as well. 

I am very proud of my Team!