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Mining for Safety

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Data mining doesn't involve a pick axe or going underground, but it's essential to improving safety and operations.  Aviation is the most complex transportation system ever built by humans, and Southwest Airlines is delighted to join NASA in advancing technology in the industry.
Southwest Airlines Flight Operations Safety is literally on The Leading Edge when it comes to data collection, analysis, and safety risk management.  The Leading Edge is a program on NASA TV that I will be joining on Wednesday, March 23rd, where we'll talk about the data mining process.
Southwest's partnership with NASA provides access to the latest data mining technology, allowing us to dig deep into terabytes of data collected through Pilot reports, data downloads, and Flight Safety Investigations. The result is a better understanding of hazards and risks along with innovative ideas to improve the efficiency of our operation.
In an average month, your Flight Safety Professionals investigate, analyze, and report actionable information on over 50,000 flights, more than 400 Pilot Aviation Safety Action Partnership (ASAP) reports, and dozens of Flight Safety investigations. Sifting through this mountain of data in search of clues that can help identify potential problem areas and trends is a monumental task in an already hyper-safe environment. Our collaboration with NASA has expanded our knowledge on how to identify the interesting data trends that give us opportunity to manage risk, improve efficiency, and provide even better Customer Service.
If you are interested in Safety and want to learn more about data mining in the aviation industry, tune in to NASA TV or log on to NASA Multimedia and watch the live broadcast of The Leading Edge, featuring Southwest Airlines Flight Safety and NASA’s Aviation Safety Program.  The show airs live on Wednesday, March 23, at 10 A.M. Central Time on NASA's public channel.

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