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My Live In The Vineyard Experience


The following post is written by frequent Southwest traveler and VIP (Very Important Pup), Manny the Frenchie. He recently attended Live In The Vineyard and wanted to share a few tips from his trip.



What can't I say about my trip to Napa and Live In The Vineyard, it was a dog's dream! After a relaxing Southwest flight with my humans, we arrived in Oakland and took the most scenic drive to Napa Valley. I love to stick my head out of the car window and the fall colors I saw were amazing!


After a dog nap and some treats, it was off to a paw-some kick off party for Live In The Vineyard. It always so cool when I get to attend parties, I'm usually the only dog and I get lots of belly rubs! I met The Bumbys and Gill made a fair and honest appraisal of my appearance. I believe I was their first dog client! That was really unique and he had great things to say about me, yay! There was a big airstream parked at the event and I just had to check it out. They were taking photos in there, so Mommy and I had our photo taken! I also got to see some live art and a live band, what a night!


The next day was the best day! I got to tour four vineyards with my humans and meet some winery dogs! First stop was MadoroM Vineyards. Yellow Labs, Max and Cabela are only one and two years old and love to have the run of the vineyard, stealing bones and protecting the chickens! They definitely wore me out showing me around the vineyard! MadoroM is only open for private events on their beautiful property, so be sure to call ahead. Max and Cabela would be sure to welcome you upon arrival.


Next up was Whetstone Wine Cellars. After a quick drive we arrived at Whetstone and I was greeted by another yellow lab, Ace the three-year-old who definitely runs the show! Visitors are known to stop by for the wonderful wine and a warm greeting by Ace. He said to be sure to try the 2014 Viognier—it’s the best!  Living with a nine-year-old, three teenagers, and two parents, Ace is used to a big family and loves visitors to come by the cellars where the hospitality is top notch!


I took some cool photos with Ace and then it was off to Liana Estates. Liana Estates is brand new and I got a first look at the great tasting room, and even had a sniff of Liana's favorite, Bubbles Club Rose', it tickled my nose! Casees, a great Newfoundland, runs the show here, sharing his time between Liana and Peju. I didn't get to meet him this time, but hopefully he's around the next time I'm in Napa! Liana is all about getting away from the hustle and crowds and to experience a different tasting, so be sure to stop by when you need some peace and quiet.


My last stop was Trinchero, where I met some fellow flat-faced friends, the family's two playful French Bulldogs, Coco and Chata! Out here, they say Cabernet is King ... I'm not really sure what that means, but it sounds nice! My visit to the Trinchero Family Estates was so relaxing, looking out over the vineyard.  Coco even taught me a thing or two about how to play Bocce Ball, which is definitely a popular pastime out in Napa. And the best part was Coco and Chata showing us around the Trinchero Family's wine cave, a CAVE! We learned so much about the history of the Trinchero Family.  Be sure to stop by, they just opened a new tasting room. I'm sure you'll be greeted by Coco and Chata upon arrival!


I had the best time in Napa with my friends from Southwest and I hope we get to go back soon.