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National Recycling Day: Take the Pledge

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Happy National Recycling Day!  What does that mean to you?   Hopefully it represents an opportunity to reaffirm your commitment to recycling and doing your part to reduce your impact on the environment.

By tossing your cardboard, aluminum, paper, and plastic bottles into the recycling bin, trash turns into jobs and products that boost the economy; generate rebates that pays for Southwest’s recycling program, making it cost neutral for Southwest and our bottom line; and, you “do the right thing” by our Planet.  If you toss everything into the trash bin, you unnecessarily add to landfills. 

What better day than today to make changes that will positively impact the environment.  I invite you to join me right now in pledging to do a better job of recycling, both at home and at work.  If you’re willing to take the challenge, comment below on how you’ll do that.

Thanks to all of our Employees and Customers who help make our co-mingled recycling program a success—whether Flight Attendants are announcing to our Customers to hand over recyclables during their flight, or Employees are taking the recyclables off of the aircraft, or you’re encouraging others to recycle—we couldn’t do it without you!