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New Boarding Process - After the Holidays

Adventurer C
In response to comments in our November announcement posts about our new boarding process, I asked that you be patient and allow our Frontline Employees to get used to working the new procedures.  It's now been two months and two Holidays since we started the new boarding process. Thank you for giving us time to adapt.  Here's what I heard and saw in Nashville during Christmas. I actually left my comfort zone (aka Baggage Service) in the month of December and spent some time working at the gates to see how things are going.  What I saw was a lot of Customers who have adapted to the new boarding process. I also saw a few that didn't know we made some changes because they only fly once a year.  But, they adapted quickly.  And best of all, I saw lots of people sitting around not worrying about their place in line (standing in line was the biggest complaint about our old boarding system).  I heard our Operations and Customer Service Agents doing a great job with the new announcements. They are flowing much better now and many Agents have added their own personality.  Additionally, Operations Agents did a better job keeping order when Customers tried to board out of turn.  Maintaining boarding order was something that had been requested by our Customers. I actively sought comments from Customers and Coworkers. The comments I heard were mostly favorable.  Everyone liked not having to stake out a place in line.   And to my suprise (and it would be to the surprise of a lot of the negative blog comments we received), quite a few Customers paid to upgrade to Business Select after receiving a C boarding pass. We did receive some negative comments at the airport and some people were caught off guard by the changes. But despite some of the initial concerns, the new procedures are definitly offering a more comforable, and stress-free gate and boarding experience for our Customers. I'd like to hear from both Customers and Coworkers about your current (real-life) experiences (as opposed to perceptions) with the new boarding process.  How's it going now?