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No more Whining about the Wine

Explorer B
Just thinking about a recent Southwest experience that probably wouldn't happen at many other companies…I got an email inviting me to a wine tasting on the second floor of our building. Free wine… sure I'll be there… but why me? Ah-ha…to make sure our onboard wine selection holds true to the Southwest brand. Who will be there besides me…in case I need a ride home…a few officers (not cops), a few directors, managers, specialists, coordinators and of course, a lawyer…the makings of a Southwest Airlines party…I can definitely attend. Ever thought about what goes into the wine selection for Southwest Airlines flights? If you're a true connoisseur of fine wine, your answer probably is …not much… I'm a novice at best when it comes to wine but I know I can distinguish an Opus One from a Boone's Farm and I'm proud and sad to say I've had them both…Keep in mind the wine must come in a miniature bottle and have a screw off top…oh no…not another Strawberry Hill experience… it's been 32 years since my last …I'm 48… you do the math. Much to my surprise, there were 32 varieties of wines to taste….Chardonnay, Merlot (is the T silent?), Cabernet Whatever (not really, I just can't spell savenjeon), and (yuk) White Zin… which I refused to consume. So take out the 3 White Zins and that leaves you 29 bottles of wine on the wall…they pour about 2 - 3 ounces per taste…87 ounces of wine…two-thirds of a gallon… and then I'm supposed to meet a friend for a drink later…I'll need that ride and I'm sleeping in on Saturday morning. As the afternoon went on…did I mention this started at 4 (p.m.)…everyone got pretty funny…even the lawyer…better be careful…When we finished and were of sound body and mind, we discussed our final rankings. To be consistent with our brand, we needed a wine of good quality and, of course, one that is inexpensive (if you want expensive, use the money you save flying Southwest and indulge). VendangeOne label finished first or second in the red and white categories and to our delight, the Vendange (pronounced "Von-donj") Cabernet Whatever and Chardonnay met our price requirements. So don't worry, our wine selection won't lead us to raise your air fares…if only choosing jet fuel was as easy…hmm, some of the stuff tasted like jet fuel …oh yes, we have stopped serving White Zin. Now, when is that vodka tasting?