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Today, we put our Summer, 2011 schedule out for sale.  We're now accepting reservations all the way out until August 12, 2011--nearly 270 days of bookable inventory.  That's the most we've EVER had available for sale!!!

This schedule is very much reflective of the very busy summer we're expecting next year.  For a change, *NO* markets are discontinued.  We'll be adding 54 flights a day to our network, including nonstops in three brand new markets:  Denver to Jacksonville, Denver to Pittsburgh, and Denver and Columbus.  This will bring us up to 150 weekday departures from the Mile-High City!  Network-wide, this schedule has 3,464 weekday flights, making for some really, really busy 737s!   

Next summer will be special for another reason:  Southwest turns 40 next June!  On June 18, 1971, we started flying three airplanes between three cities, but with a single mission:  to give Texas the Freedom to Fly.  Four decades later, we'll be in 72 airports, we're the biggest airline in America (in terms of domestic passengers carried), but our mission is still the same--only now, we're spreading LUV from sea to shining sea!  I'm sure you'll be hearing lots more about our corporate birthday as the date gets closer.  But for now, start planning to celebrate our 40th the best way I know how--by flying somewhere (on Southwest of course)! 

Explorer B
Just wondering - when will the flights utilizing the remaining ten EWR slots be scheduled?
Explorer B
Nice work on the 270 days of inventory, Bill. That's quite a good change from a couple years ago. I noticed that some flights will operate a little earlier morning and a little later night than they have lately--is that how the additional flying is funded? Makes sense to me since midsummer is the best time to fill up seats from early 'til late.
Explorer C
Southwest, THANK YOU for adding Pittsburgh > Denver non-stops! I've been waiting years for this!
Explorer C
i love southwest.....please dont ever charge for bags and please always be better and smarter then the other airlines.
Explorer C
Wish you would start a daily Denver to Jackson, MS!
Explorer C
What happened to BNA-OAK? When is it making it's seasonal reappearance? Have you quietly not returned it, thus technically not cutting a market on this particular schedule change, but really cutting one because you didn't bring a usual summer route back?
Explorer C
Our company would love to eventually see Southwest come to either the Cedar Rapids, IA (CID) or Moline, IL (MLI) airports. We travel frequently to San Diego, CA (SAN) and we just can't get there with Southwest from one of our nearby airports. Southwest: Keep Expanding, Keep Free Bags, Keep Service #1 and your customers will Keep you!
Explorer B
Hope your injury recovery is a smooth one!! In the meantime, will you be typing responses with one hand, or is there a new intern position opening up in Planning?? 😉
Explorer C
Hoping that DCA-STL or IAD-STL will become a reality soon! I travel 6-7 times a quarter STL-BWI-STL and those flights are always completely full. Can we add Washington service from STL? It will be a great hit for the STL and all Midwest travelers. Seems a logical choice to capture the business and government travelers on this popular route.
Explorer C
I am sure i am not alone in looking for a direct PHX-DCA or PHX-IAD service; not having to route through MDW or STL both ways. The PHX-BWI has a good number of flights but the commute between BWI and the Beltway business/government can be timely. The density of traffic on the beltway to BWI can easily add an additional hour and missed flights/meetings. Other airlines PHX-DCA flights are booked solid!
Adventurer B
Although none of these flights are of (direct) benefit to me, I'm nonetheless still grateful to Southwest for making it possible for me to be able out of my hometown on something bigger than a puddle jumper :-) Paul in CRP
Explorer A
WE Need more service at Dulles airport!