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One for the Puck-et List: Visiting every Hockey Stadium across the U.S. with the help of Southwest


The following blog post was written by Southwest Customer Joanna Chan.


My partner Julie and I recently completed our five-year journey of attending an NHL game in all 31 arenas in North America, and we couldn’t have done it without Southwest! With the help of the Rapid Rewards Program, our accumulation of Rapid Rewards points, and qualifying for a Companion Pass thanks to my business travel, we were able to visit 25 out of the 28 arenas that were not within driving distance of our home.


How did this journey begin exactly? We realized early on in our relationship that we both loved hockey. Before we knew it, we had visited a couple arenas in our first year together and then decided to make it a goal from there to see them all. Once we checked off a few, we realized the dream was definitely doable. Southwest’s route map led us to discover that we could not only see hockey, but also see the country. We enjoyed traveling to cities we may not have ever thought to visit before while also accomplishing our dream along the way.


Destination Awaits.JPG


I’m a numbers nerd—I’ve been crunching the numbers and tracking them along the way. We’ve traveled on a total of 60 different Southwest flights which accumulates to 454,516 Rapid Rewards points spent, 174.37 hours in total flight time, and 67,570 miles flown—enough to circle the globe 2.71 times!



By my calculations, the monetary value of the Rapid Rewards points came out to 61.72 points per dollar. Based on this information, my partner and I have saved more than $14,728.42 during our complete arena tour by taking advantage of Southwest’s Rapid Rewards Program and the Companion Pass.


Thanks to Southwest, we were able to make our dream of visiting all 31 arenas a reality. My favorite part of our journey however is when I surprised Julie with a marriage proposal in front of 20,000 hockey fans at our last arena during a Flames-Oilers game. We also received a fun write-up on about our story.




Many thanks to Southwest for making this possible by having the best rewards program out there. We look forward to many more adventures on Southwest as we begin this exciting new chapter of our lives together!