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Our December Star: Flight Attendant Salvador Pineda

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Salvador_JohnDavis Working as a Flight Attendant means spending a lot of time in the air, but Salvador Pineda has a surefire method for staying grounded. “I’m a huge fan of yoga,” he says. “I believe that being adaptable, flexible, and accepting is essential both on the yoga mat and at 38,000 feet.” These attributes have been apparent in him throughout his time at Southwest. Salvador will celebrate his fifth anniversary with the Company next month; he worked as a Ramp Agent and Operations Agent at the Norfolk/Virginia Beach airport before becoming a Flight Attendant in 2014. He says these prior experiences gave him a unique perspective that he’s been able to apply in his current role. “I’m really grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to grow within the Company,” he says. “I understand the big picture, and that allows me to do my job as efficiently as possible.” Being a Flight Attendant isn’t always predictable, and for Salvador it’s about more than passing out snacks and drinks. “First and foremost, I am a Safety professional and first responder,” he says, adding that Southwest’s dedication to Customer Service is also his priority. “I have the opportunity each and every day to share Southwest’s Hospitality with our Customers, which gives me an immeasurable sense of gratification.” Salvador recently had the privilege of sharing the Southwest Spirit on a flight from Baltimore/Washington to Denver. “I arrived at the airport and realized I would be working an Honor Flight that was filled with WWII veterans,” he says. “They had just returned from a reenactment in D.C., and they presented our Crew with souvenir coins that I still carry with me on flights today.” His dedication to making personal connections with each of his Customers makes Salvador a shining example of a Servant’s Heart. Thank you, Salvador, for making all your Southwest flights safe and enjoyable experiences.