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Our November A-Lister: Carey Woodruff


“Southwest not only gets me where I need to be, it also models the attitude ‘care more.’”

Carey Woodruff, Senior Account Executive, Twitter


Carey Woodruff knows a thing or two about social media and customer service—after all, she is a Twitter employee. So it’s no surprise that over the years she’s become virtual pals with several members of Southwest’s 24/7 Social Care team. She even spreads the LUV by tweeting reminders that it’s a great idea to bring your flight crew a treat while traveling during the holidays. Whether she’s headed to Dallas for work or her hometown of Columbus, Ohio, Carey loves that her Companion Pass status allows her husband, Adam, to join her for free. No matter where Southwest takes her, we enjoy seeing Carey’s shout-outs, sent 140 characters at a time! 


Photo by Thomas ChadwickPhoto by Thomas ChadwickReal Ideals “Put thought into the values you want to embody as an employee and partner. Defining those values can help you live up to the best version of yourself.”


Game Plan “One important piece of advice I received is to think about what you want to do two roles from now and take steps to help get there.”


Adventures Abroad “Now that Southwest flies international, I want to go to all of the international destinations!”