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Our Timeless Superhero in San Diego

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While our witty advertisements and low fares have helped set us apart from the other guys for 41 years, Customers always tell us that our Employees are the reason that Southwest consistently wins the hearts of America. Whether it’s a bright smile in a tough situation or relentless attention to Customer needs, our Employees certainly set the bar for Positively Outrageous Customer Service!

If you’re ever flying through San Diego International Airport (SAN), there is no doubt that you will experience our commitment to our Customers—particularly if you come into contact with Jessica Hanssen, a Customer Service Supervisor. Any of her Coworkers will tell you that the SOUTHWEST SPIRIT runs in Jessica’s blood, and not just because she is the daughter of a pilot and sister to a flight attendant. Her passion for the aviation industry is just as visible through her actions as in her bloodstream.

“Jessica is a Customer Service Employee that is to be modeled after,” said SAN Manager of Customer Service Julie Gallagher. “Her Fun-LUVing personality is contagious, and she not only shares her SPIRIT with her Customers, but also with her Team.”

For Jessica, the best part about her job is that it isn’t a job at all.

“These days when it comes to having a job or career, it’s just work for people, and they are driven by the money they make,” Jessica said. “But since coming to Southwest, the thing that has surprised me the most is that everyone is like me—they all want to come to work, help people, and be part of the Southwest Team! It’s a breath of fresh air when everyone is driven by the same motivations to try and reach the same goals.”

Jessica was not on the SAN Team very long before she was promoted to Supervisor, particularly since she hit the ground running and quickly proved to be a very quick learner of both the technology and SOUTHWEST SPIRIT.

“Since her first day, Jessica has been a shining star,” said SAN Assistant Station Manager Eleonor Pimentel. “She has a permanent smile on her face and works well in all areas, counters, and gates. The Baggage Service Office (BSO) has proven to be an area where her personality and constant smile have deterred Customers from getting upset.”

Jessica has become known for her ability to provide fantastic Customer Service; but for her, it’s as simple as actually enjoying helping people and treating everyone as she would like to be treated.

“Believe it or not, people make me happy,” Jessica said. “Yes, even the angry ones—they are the ones who give me the opportunity to turn their whole experience around!”

It is clear that Jessica does not hesitate to lend a helping hand and get involved, which she has done in SAN by joining the Culture Committee, helping at Station events, and assisting new Agents.

“Having a Servant’s Heart describes Jessica perfectly—she goes the extra mile to help people,” said SAN Customer Service Supervisor Katie Kuhn. “Jessica is a vital part of the SAN Team!”

I interviewed Jessica to find out a little bit about who she is off the clock.

Share an interesting story about yourself.

I will do almost anything to make people laugh. For one of my Christmas presents a couple years ago, my sisters gave me a horn for my car that plays 39 different tunes. Some of the tunes include, “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning,” “Happy Birthday,” and the “Pink Panther.” It also has a piano keyboard, so I can play my own tunes! I love cruising around playing tunes for people walking on the sidewalks. Every expression I get and the laughter that comes after is all worth it.

If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?

If I could have one super power, I would want to be able to freeze time. That way I could make sure everyone always made their flights and their connections! We would never take a delay, no matter what the issue. No bag would ever be delayed or lost because I would be able to find it while everyone was frozen. It would pretty much allow for a perfect world and for 100 percent satisfied Southwest Customers!

What keeps you motivated and helps you stay positive?

I think a lot of people tend to focus on the bad in this world and overlook the good. The thing is, there is way more good than there is bad, and this motivates me to prove it. It’s the little things that leave people in awe, such as opening a door for someone, using more pleases and thank yous, helping someone get their bag off the carousel, escorting someone to their gate, and much more. Just imagine people’s reaction if someone were to go above and beyond those little things. That’s why I am always excited for tomorrow—because one never knows what will happen!

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I have persoally experienced this wonderful lady in action. My aunt showed up late for a flight and Jessica helped her rebook on the next flight to San Jose. Then she checked up on her for the short 2 hours between flight and made a point of contacting my family to notify of the delay. My aunt fired off several emails to Southwest to thank them while at the gate; apparently she found out about it and thanked her at the gate. Possibly a small gesture on Jessica's part but a huge effort as far as my nutty aunt was concerned.
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i have worked with jessica as a csa in san and i can tell you from personal experience that she is amazing, i luv her, and its so great to see her getting the recognition she deserves it.