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Frequent Flyer C

Those words on the outside of the Rose Bowl Stadium resound throughout the surrounding San Gabriel Mountains that cast a shadow on the 89-year old stadium.

Fans began to pour onto the fairways of the Brookside Golf Course that sits next to the Rose Bowl at 9 AM to tailgate.  Chants of "Texas Fight" and "Roll Tide" could be heard throughout the city of Pasadena.

As a diehard college football fan, I appreciate the scenery that encompasses the Rose Bowl.  This was a perfect venue for a National Championship Game, and I can’t imagine what a player must have felt as he ran onto the playing surface with 94,000 screaming fans accompanying the illuminating fireworks display, the Wings of Blue Parachute Demonstration Team dropping down to the stadium, Josh Groban singing the National Anthem, and famed broadcaster Keith Jackson flipping the coin at midfield.


Just to be in such a historic venue and to witness the pageantry gave me chills.   I hope that one day everyone will have had to opportunity to witness such a spectacle.  I would love to hear about your memorable moments in sports history.  Please share in the comment section below.


Explorer C
Dear Caleb, Thanks for making everyone jealous of you. Keaton P.S.: I keyed your car.
Explorer B
A High School Championship Game – this rates as my favorite all-time sporting event especially since my son was playing. The thrill of watching the boys run onto the field and just having the opportunity to play in such a big game was so great. We also had a huge group of family and friends cheering which was so much fun. By the way, our team did not win, but my son had an incredible game recovering several fumbles and making several big tackles. Erica from Dallas

Explorer C
I was at the Tennessee Titans Music City Miracle back in 1999. It was the AFC Wild Card game vs. the Buffalo Bills. About half the people in the stadium were pissed and heading for the doors until Frank Wycheck threw it across field to Kevin Dyson after the Bills kickoff, who proceeded to take it to the house. It was by far the best single special teams play I've ever seen. Everyone came running back to their seats cheering, jumping all over the place, hugging random people. It was just another wild card game until the last 16 seconds or so when we all got to witness something really special. Made it all the way to the Super Bowl that year, but a yard short from taking it down. Don't worry though. Chris Johnson is the future.