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Pigskin Plane Pull

Adventurer B

The football game between the University of Texas (UT) and the University of Oklahoma (OU) is a longtime tradition at the State Fair of Texas. The game, played at the historic Cotton Bowl Stadium, is called the AT&T Red River Rivalry. (The Red River forms the border between Texas and Oklahoma.)

OU Team Pulling the PlaneTexas Team Pulling the Plane

Four years ago, Southwest Airlines started a new event leading up to the game ... the Pigskin Plane Pull. Fans of the two schools (Employees and Friends of Southwest) compete to see who can pull an 83,000 pound Boeing 737 the fastest over a fifty yard course. The team with the lowest time wins roundtrip tickets on Southwest Airlines and plenty of other prizes, including a chance to win tickets to the game.

It has become quite an event, as you'll see in this video.

Texas Fans Celebrating

Oklahoma won a fiercely-contested 28-21 victory over Texas at this year's Red River Rivalry. But who won the really big event ... the Pigskin Plane Pull? Well ... you'll see that, too.

Explorer C
Saw this on another blog I frequent this morning ( and wanted to bring it to your attention: Things like this are why I LUV Southwest- I don't fly anyone else! One more trip and I'll make it to my second Rapid Rewards pass in three years. The wonderful people of SWA make it fun (and CHEAP- always a consideration when you're 25 🙂 to travel! You guys are a little unorthodox, but it works! Keep up the great work!
Adventurer B
Thanks for the link and the kind words, Heather. I bet there are lots more 'video examples' of Southwest Employees having fun while doing their jobs. Maybe more people will share their favs. BTW ... If you go to your video poster's main page, there are more videos of this young man. In one, he's right in the middle of a song and suddenly yells, "Your plane is really here!" as he runs to get started with his pre-boarding chores. Great Stuff !!
Explorer C
Ain't it great to be from such a unique place as TEXAS? I ask you what other company/buisness/CEO in thier right mind would sponser such a thing as a Pigskin Plane Pull?? Obviously the answer is our very own, rough and tough and playful Southwest Airlines with a deep rooted Texan upbringing. Nifty event hope I get to see it one day. 🙂 cheers and Happy day!!
Frequent Flyer B
Awww, yeah! OU! 🙂 I'm an Oklahoman, as you can probably tell, but there's certainly nothing wrong with the Lone Star State.
Adventurer C
It used to be called the Red River SHOOTOUT, and there was nothing wrong with that. I realize SWA had nothing to do with that name change, but I don't have to like the ongoing political correctness pervading everything these days. Makes as much sense as changing the name of the Washington Bullets. *sigh*