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Reflections on a Pandemic: Thrive


Reflections on a Pandemic: Protect, Survive, and Thrive is a three part video series documenting how the COVID-19 pandemic began impacting Southwest Airlines and the airline industry in early 2020. We have learned a lot navigating the business over the last 16 months and have captured lessons learned and some of the amazing stories of the resilience of our Southwest Warriors.  


Symbolic of the times, in this series Southwest Employees and Leaders share their insights about how the pandemic has impacted them personally and professionally through remote video interviews.


Our Company has been on the frontline of the pandemic since it first gripped the U.S.—from the initial crisis response and operating in a pandemic, to evolving the business model to ensure our survival and future success—and we have continued to innovate and manage through the biggest challenge in Company history. Today we are excited to share part three of our series, Thrive. Be sure to check out part two Survive, and part one, Protect.