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Adventurer C
Let's talk sports. In this busy world that we live in, at some point and time, some of us will stop and talk about sports…whether it is football, basketball, baseball, or golf, the water cooler talk will begin. The sports talk I've been hearing lately is not that of professional athletes…it's of our very own Employees in the Maintenance Department. There are those of us who play some kind of sport recreationally on a weekly basis: I play basketball, for others it's golf, softball, tennis, racquetball, etc. I have discovered that we have Employees who compete on a regular basis and are very good. There are those who do it for charity, money, or just for the fun of the competition.  Here are some examples:

Leo Barton, Aircraft Mechanic, won first place in a national pistol shooting contest; Randy Bass, Stores Department, won first place, along with his father, in a bass fishing tournament; Troy Rossman, Aircraft Mechanic, placed 6th out of 348 participants in a bass fishing tournament; and Darryl Sample, Aircraft Mechanic, won first place in a national amateur bowling competition. These are just a few that I know about, but I'm sure there's more.

I have friends who work in Southwest Airlines' Sports Marketing Department, and maybe I'll give them a call and let them know that they don't have to travel very far for sports advertising…

  If you have anybody at your workplace or department who competes on a regular basis I'd LUV to here from you.