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Seattle Food Run

Explorer C


I suppose when traveling with a cooler, people automatically assume you know where you’re going.  I guess that would explain why four people asked me for directions to various areas around town just minutes after grabbing my cooler from baggage claim.  Sadly, I couldn’t point them in the direction they wanted to go, and had to ask directions myself.  Thanks to a very kind man with salt and pepper hair I got off the Seattle Link Train at the correct stop and headed towards Pike’s Market.  All I had to do is follow the smell of fish and head in the same direction as the other tourists with cameras around their necks.
I decided to fly to Seattle for the day to simply buy seafood.  I am always up for an adventure, and I look for any excuse to hop on one of our planes and go for a ride.  I could have just bought salmon and crab legs at the nearby grocery store, but why not buy the good stuff, literally just pulled out of the ocean, when you work for Southwest Airlines?  It can be very easy to fly standby on our flights if you have a flexible schedule!

Pike's Market

After taking several pictures of the famous Pike’s Market sign, I walked into the market place and was immediately assaulted with a variety of color, smells, and sounds.  There were so many venders selling countless things, and it took me a moment to decide where to begin.  I weaved though crowds of people and started with the fish stand directly in front of the bronze pig.  They did not throw the fish like I had heard.  But they did have a giant cod fish dangling from a string that they jiggled around when I walked up close to it for a better look.  After giving the spectators a good laugh with my gasp of shock, I moved on to the fruit and vegetable stands and I practically drooled over the endless tables of fresh flowers. 


While I was in the neighborhood, I treated myself to an Alpaca-haired scarf and a bouquet of fresh cut flowers.  After picking up my souvenirs, I headed over to another fish vendor.  They were very excited at the sight of the cooler and helped me fill it with fresh, wild Alaskan Salmon, king crab legs, and shrimp each the size of my fist.  Once the cooler was stuffed with seafood and ice packs, I hurried back to the train station where it took me back to the airport for the last flight to Albuquerque.

Ling Cod

I arrived back home in Dallas the next morning, with the still-cold seafood in tow.  That night I enjoyed the fresh catch with several of my friends.  We cooked the salmon and shrimp on a charcoal grill, and paired them with mashed potatoes and garlic biscuits.  The salmon was so fresh and mild it would be worth traveling to Seattle again just to have more.  My friends all agree the journey would be a blast and want to join me the next time I go on a Seattle food run.