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Southwest Airlines Community

September 11

Aviator C

Like December 7 and November 22, for most Americans of a certain age, today’s date still sends a shiver down the spine and causes the breath to quicken.  For those of us in the airline industry, our lives will never be the same, even eight years later.  I don’t know about my Coworkers, but I replay those events in my mind even today.  From the sheer horror of the day; to the incredible acts of courage that played out in smoke-filled stairways and crumbling buildings and in the cabin of an airliner over Pennsylvania whose passengers said “this stops here, no more”; to the unnatural quiet in our skies that followed, the images and memories remain fresh in my mind.  I never thought silence could be so deafening until I “heard” what life without air travel sounds like.  I also will never forget how my Coworkers came together in a unified purpose to get America back in the air and to bring the sound of Freedom back to the skies over our nation.

This year on the anniversary of 9/11, we want to honor both those who gave and lost so much on that bright, evil September morning, and those who give us so much every day.  In order to salute the heroes of 9/11, including our friends at American and United, and to honor our soldiers, sailors, and airmen who continue to bravely and unhesitatingly march into harm’s way to keep us safe, we are encouraging all of our Employees to wear red or, for those who are required to wear a specific uniform like our Flight Crews, a patriotic item.