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Southwest Airlines Helps Keeps the Dream Alive

Explorer B

On January 12, 4:43 local time, a catastrophic magnitude 7.0 earthquake devastated the island nation of Haiti. When the dust settled, approximately 250,000 people died, another 300,000 were injured, and a staggering three million people were left homeless. The destruction this event left behind will be felt for generations to come.

One of the countless groups affected by the earthquake was the Haitian National Soccer team. Its headquarters in ruins, its practice field now a tent city for thousands of the homeless, the prospects of continuing to play the sport they loved seemed hopeless. But, because of the generosity of many here in the U.S., the team is getting a second chance, and the opportunity to send a message to the world that the Haitian spirit endures and their passion for the country’s national sport won’t be sidelined.

Since mid-April, the Haitian National Soccer team has called Texas home. The team spends much of its time training at the T Bar M Camp in New Braunfels, TX. This practice time is crucial as they prepare for a May 5 match against one of international soccer’s powerhouses, the national team of Argentina. Southwest Airlines was just one of many who pitched in to help, flying the team from SAT to DAL last Friday for a scrimmage with FC Dallas in Frisco. Several Southwest Employees in DAL met the team at the gate, including DAL Safety and QA Auditor Reggie Andre who is a native of Haiti. Reggie, who lived in Haiti for 13 years, was able to speak to the team in their native Creole language, and even connected with a couple of players from his old hometown.

The Argentina match is just days away, but our thoughts are with the Team beyond the soccer pitch when they return home to a country that is healing and rebuilding. 

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Explorer C
i'm thinking they keep a dream alive in some areas, but are killing it in others. MHT(manchester boston regional airport) is now suffering from the slow down of southwest service there. at this point in time MHT's Mark Brewer says"we either use MHT or lose it" at this point in time with southwest's service in boston mean the tear down of MHT. MHT is now losing SWA and i've seen it. they are stopping flights to fort lauderdale. now i do not know what to say abouth this, but that SWA are being complete jerks about MHT