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Southwest Proves Popular at MSP

Frequent Flyer A
by Martin Moylan, Minnesota Public Radio
St. Paul, Minn. — Southwest Airlines is proving pretty popular with Minnesota travelers.

Early last month, Southwest started offering roundtrip flights between the Twin Cities and Chicago's Midway airport.

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Explorer A
I would love for Southwest to expand service from the Twin Cities to Florida or offer an additional connection city such as St. Louis since Chicago gets a lot of snow in the winter. Maybe 2 or 3 flights per day? Florida is a very popular destination from the midwest.
Explorer A
MSP > FLL route would be nice! Or some other connection city beides Chicago. Looking at your route map, St. Louis would be a perfect short-haul flight as it serves most Florida cities and they get alot less snow than both Denver and Chicago. Like the previous poster said, Chicago's weather is horrible in the winter and delays flights for hours or sometimes days. Adding St. Louis would give some more flexibility for times leaving MSP. I hope you can add another city before the Thanksgiving travel rush!
Explorer C
I haven't flown Southwest yet, but already I'm excited to get aboard this summer. Service just arrived in Minneapolis this spring and the low prices are awesome. My girlfriend is moving to Ohio and I know I'll be doing a lot of flying to visit her in the future. Just signed up for the Southwest College Rewards program too--hopefully more savings down the road on top of already low prices! Southwest moving into MN was a big deal this year--there was a lot of talk in the media about how this would shake up airline prices around here. Please keep adding destinations out of Minneapolis to other cities! I would one day love to fly directly from Minneapolis to Columbus, OH. I know NWA/Delta offers the route now. But I'll still be flying Southwest because of the Rewards Program and lower prices. Thanks for setting up shop in Minneapolis--a lot of people are excited!