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Southwest Rapid Rewards Takes Home a Freddie

Frequent Flyer A
For the 11th consecutive year, Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards took top honors and was awarded first place in Best Award Redemption category at the 21st Annual Freddie Awards.  The Best Award Redemption category was introduced in 1998 and no other frequent flyer program has won before.  In addition, Rapid Rewards placed in the top five in five other categories, including: Program of the Year; Best Website for; Best Member Communications; Best Bonus Promotion; and Best Customer Service. 
For more information on the Freddies and to see pictures from the event, visit:
Explorer C
Unlike most airline frequent flyer programs, Rapid Rewards is simple and uncomplicated. In addition, Southwest does a great job of keeping RR members informed of status and flights needed to reach the next award. Well done, guys, the Freddie is well deserved.

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I have been flying with Southwest for 13 years and they are still my go to airline when I need to travel anywhere in the USA! Congrats SWA...YOU ROCK!!!
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SWA...The best airlline all around. Love ya!
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Congratulations on a well-deserved reward! I love Southwest and always fly you guys whenever possible. The staff is super friendly (sometimes funny) and always helpful! You always provide outstanding customer service and in my book you should have won more!
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We have been participating in Southwest's Rapid Rewards program for many years and vote each year for SW as a Freddie award "best". The program is forgiving for flyers whose lives are busy and ever-changing (isn't that true for so many of us?). Congratulations to you, Southwest, once again and LUV. . .
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If SouthWest doesn't fly there, we don't fly there. Great airline, great employees, great rewards program.
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SWA ROCKS!! I was an AA Advantage member for 3 years and never earned enough miles for 1 trip. My first year with Rapid Rewards I earned 2! With my hotel and rental car partners I earn twice as fast. The service is outstanding for us "regular joe" customers compared to any other airline I've flown. I'm with Glenn, if SW doesn't fly there, I don't go there! If I am forced to use another airline, I feel like I'm cheating on you guys! Now if you could just fly in to Burlington, VT., Atlanta, GA., Chattanooga, TN., Traverse City, MI., .... Ahhh, springtime and LUV is in the air...
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i luv southwest and am always disappointed if i HAVE to travel another airline because SW isn't going there.
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I voted for Southwest and fly with you guys all the time, if I had to vote again, after the last month and the problems I have had with Southwest employees, sadly I would have to change my vote. Not sure what is happening with you all, but the "luv" has declined in the past month. Hope you get it back.
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I too like SWA best of all the lines I've flown and I'm glad you won - you should've won more! Keep up the great frequent flier and reqards program you have.
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I cannot believe you guys didn't take EVERY number 1 Freddie....your service is awesome and you all have a wonderful sense of humor that makes flying fun and removes most of the stress. WELL DONE, SWA!!!
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You should have come in 1ST in every catagory SWA. You are the best. You make every aspect of flying so easy and enjoyable. LUV YA!!!
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I only started flying because SW made it possible! Thanks SW, because of you, I call more places home! Joe
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Congratulations on Best Reward Redemption - well deserved and personally appreciated. I have no idea how you missed Best Web Site and Best Customer Service - your team sets the standard for true "CUSTOMER SERVICE" - on the Web, Phone and in person.
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Congratulations. You Rock..... Sometime I am feeling down and went I flight with you I have so much fun. The sense of humor is so funny how can someone feel down. Thank you for letting me flight with you. Dot
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Congratulations to all Winners and love to Pakistan
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SWA's Rapid Rewards program is undeniably the BEST!!! The Flight Crews & Customer Service Reps are Superior above all other airlines that I have flown. Flying with SW is a wonderful and enjoyable experience. Congratulations on your FREDDIE deserve it!!!