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Southwest Airlines Community - Not Just For Booking Tickets

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As the nation's third major winter storm system affects airports throughout the U.S., we wanted to remind travelers that utilizing our online channels is the fastest way to ensure a smooth traveling process.

On or through our mobile app (on Apple, Android and Blackberry), passengers can check in to a flight, see weather alerts and check flight status.  If the ticket was booked online, Customers can also rebook a flight on or straight from the app.

Weather alerts are constantly updated on (and can be accessed near the top of the home page, as seen in the screen shot below):

Weather Alert

Passengers can sign up for e-mail or text notifications on (seen below)

You can check flight status and rebook within the mobile app.  To rebook, first click ‘Air Reservations’.

After that, click ‘Change Air’

Enter the confirmation number to retrieve a reservation.

For Customers who did not purchase their ticket via, please call us at 1-800-435-9792 to rebook their flight in the original class of service or travel standby (within 14 days of the original date of travel between the original city-pairs) without paying any additional charge.
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Are your sites actually reporting up to date data on the flights now? I've tried them as recently as Sunday, and the information is either late or incorrect. I've almost missed flights before because I relied on the mobile site. I brought this up with a GA, and was told "too bad, the flight can leave any time after the original published departure time". If you're going to advertise this, you should make sure it's accurate and stand behind it.
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Southwest's customer service is hyperbole. I am stuck in SLC wih my family. A storm is approaching and they canceled my flight for today prematurely. The weather was not going to be too bad when my flight was supposed to arrive. Many other carriers have flights that are not canceled Also, Southwest shows another flight arriving a little bit later then mine was supposed to and the weather will be worst then. I had to reshedule my travel for tomorrow when it is obvious the weather will be worst than today. So I am sure I willl be back rescheduling later. When I was rescheduling he first agent hung up on me when I questioned their procedures. I am a rapid rewards customer that spends approximately $50,000.00/year on this card. That is going to stop immediately when I arrive home.
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Hang in there down in big D. Crazy couple of days for sure. So where are you guys positioning the planes that you need to keep out of the midwest until this storm passes? I can imagine about 50 parked out on the tarmac at LAS. Obviously getting them stuck in the snow here in Chicago would be a mistake. Come back once we get shoveled out.
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Southwest service lived up to my expectations with our travel yesterday from balmy Florida to a frigid Kansas City. Erica at the check-in desk in Ft. Lauderdale was friendly and helpful, getting us rebooked on earlier flights (husband and I had to split up but there are only so many seats on the plane... ) that we hoped would get us home ahead of the impending storm. My flight got diverted to Tulsa just minutes short of landing in Kansas City, and before long we were joined by several planes full of similarly redirected travelers - I'm guessing at least 300 of us! The staff in Tulsa was clearly overwhelmed by the unexpected volume and all the passengers loudly demanding answers that couldn't possibly be known yet given the situation and the vagaries of Mother Nature's fury, but the Tulsa staff remained calm and patient and friendly in the face of all the chaos. Once the Southwest and airport staff determined a plan, they set about putting it in motion to capitalize on what was a narrow window of opportunity to get hundreds of people to KC quickly. I was on the first plane back so I can't speak for how it went for those who followed, but my flight went flawlessly and efficiently. Your team got the plane loaded, up in the air and back down again with dispatch, and the calm, patience and good humor of the flight crew defused passenger anxieties. Today the KC airport is closed, we've got 10 inches on top of yesterday's ice, a fierce wind blowing the snow all around and I see that our safe dry haven in Tulsa now has multiple inches of snow. But I'm warm inside my house and grateful to Southwest for all the staff who kept things calm and professional, and got me and 136 other KC-bound folks home safely. Thank you to all.
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I would like to know about rebooking same upcoming flight due to substantial fare reduction. Will i be penalized if i do?
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Is there a way online to deal with refunding for a cancelled flight after the flight was to have left? I couldn't get my travel changes approved by my company between the time I was notified of the cancellation and the time the cancelled flight was to have departed. But now I cannot access that flight online to get it changed. With one seat left on the last flight that met my new travel needs, I found I couldn't make the change online and the phone lines to a live person were overloaded at Southwest due to the snowstorm. So I bought that last seat on a one-way ticket and hope that my return flight on my original ticket doesn't get cancelled out since I didn't take the originating flight. I'm also hoping I can get refunded for the original flight leg that was cancelled since I could not get it converted online. The system is good, but there is room for improvement. Sometimes people need more time to change flight plans when flights are cancelled due to weather.
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Bill Owen