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Spring Break Glide

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Spring Break this year was a lot fun, my family and I visited Austin, Texas, and while there we spent a lot of time visiting many museums and other historic sites. One eatery that was highly recommended was a restaurant called The Oasis. It sits on the edge of a cliff that overlooks Lake Travis, so we were able to get a patio table to watch an actual Oasis.  The view was great... and so was the food.




The most exciting part of our trip to Austin was the Segway Gliding Tour. If you’re not familiar with a Segway, it’s the two-wheel scooter you see security officers use in a shopping mall. The tour we decided on, took us through downtown Austin. It was so nice to spend two hours gliding the streets of Austin instead of walking. If any of you get a chance to take a Segway tour, do it, I think you will be glad you did.  "WARNING" Once you do it, you will be hooked.







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Hi cousin just wanted to say hello miss ya. I know its been a long time sense I talked or saw all of yall. I got a chance to see uncle BJ and aunt Mary when I came down for my aunt Bee funeral.I now live in Los Angeles big differents from China Texas on the dirt road. Hope you get this