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Taking Care of Number One

New Arrival
They say that “one is the loneliest number.”  Well, not onboard a Southwest flight!  Customer Ashley Obrien recently found herself as the lone Passenger onboard a Southwest flight to Buffalo, but she was anything but lonely. After working the Thanksgiving shift in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, DC, Ashley prepared to catch a Southwest flight from BWI to BUF in order to spend the remainder of the holiday with her husband’s family. A BWI Employee paged Ashley to come to the gate counter, where he informed her that she was the only Customer traveling on the flight. Assuming that the flight would be cancelled, Ashley asked when the next flight to BUF would be, but, to her surprise and delight, Ashley learned that the flight would operate as planned, even early, if she desired. As Ashley boarded the flight, she easily sensed the Crew’s excitement and immediately felt welcomed. BWI Captain Juan Gaud, BWI First Officer Timothy Lapointe, and BWI Flight Attendants Judy Ankrah, Thomas Grant, and Donna Wilkins truly rolled out the red carpet for Ashley! Her bag was personally carried and stowed onboard—and later off, as well—by one of our Pilots.  She was treated to our world-class Southwest hospitality inflight; our Crew Members were happy to help her document her experience with pictures; and Ashley arrived to much fanfare at BUF, including confetti and a bottle of champagne! Many thanks to all who made Ashley’s trip “one” to remember!