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Texas Weather

Explorer A
I did not grow up in Texas, so I am constantly amazed by Texas weather. Recently it was 32° on a Friday and 64° on Saturday. In less than 24 hours, the temperature doubled. This drastic temperature change creates a few problems. Texans must always closely pay attention to the weather. No one wants to be wearing shorts on a day with 32° or a wool sweater on a day with 64°. I must admit I've been victim of both a time or two. Traveling can create the same situation. This August, I visited San Francisco, I was not prepared for the chilly summer nights. My Coworker and I were waiting for a few friends in the hotel lobby before the Giants game. After watching a few locals leave in wool coats and scarves, I decided to change into something warmer than a T-shirt and shorts. When we arrived at the game, fans were prepared with beanies and blankets. While I was glad to be in jeans instead of shorts, what I really needed was my winter coat. How confusing...cold weather in California during August. Since my trip to San Francisco in August, I check the weather before my trip. Southwest has made it a little easier for our Customers to check the weather. Southwest has teamed up with NBC Weather Plus to offer weather reports on Before your next trip, know before you go.