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Thanks to Southwest, We Found Love!

Explorer C

I have always loved the ambiance of Southwest—their Team is always in a good mood, and you can tell they genuinely love what they do. In July, I flew Southwest from Cleveland to Baltimore to attend my best friend’s wedding, and the atmosphere was playful and fun as always. The Flight Attendants were cracking jokes, which made the boarding process enjoyable for all the Passengers.


wedding love.png

However, there was one Flight Attendant in particular who really made a difference that day. He kept walking up and down the aisle saying, "Love is in the air! Someone is going to fall in love!" Given my history with love, I never thought that I would be the one falling in love—I had essentially given up. Nonetheless, I was enjoying the Flight Attendants cheerful commentary.


I was in my friend’s bridal party, and I fell in love with the groomsman I was paired with! It was love at first sight. We had so much in common, and friends even asked us how long we’d been dating. It was clear to everyone we were meant to be.


Since the wedding, we have been happily dating. We want to be with each other 24/7—the only problem? He lives in Baltimore, and I live in Cleveland. Naturally, we take turns flying back and forth to be with each other as budgets permit ... but of course, we always fly Southwest.


Thank you to the Southwest Flight Attendant who made me believe in love again! We owe our love and happiness to Southwest!