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Southwest attorney Dick Ketler tells a story of the flight attendant on the first SWA flight he got on after 9/11.
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I just want to praise the attentands on flight 794 (Birmingham to Tampa) it was Jan.26, 2006. They were Bani, Nancy, Julia. I tried to call, email, or even write notes to anyone, but could not seem to go, to the right folks. Thanks were a delightful crew! I do so hope this will be seen by the right people. They went out of their way to make everyone happy. I was very impressed by theit professionalism, yet, they were fun and caused all aboard to laugh. It was great! Thank you Southwest for having employees such as the three of them. B. Talley Madison, Alabama
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I hate the new "No Blackout Date" rewards program--Southwest took the one thing that it had going for them and ruined it. I have had a companion pass for 7 years now and I think that I am going to switch my loyalty to Continental--Along with Sammy Nooner, Alyce Nooner, Chris Keller, Meschelle Nooner and Casey Bunger--do a little research on our rewards accounts. You really screwed up a good thing!