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Taking Care of Friends

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Southwest Director Nan Barry and two Southwest Reservations Sales Agents tell a story of taking care of our airline friends in the aftermath of 9/11
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Recently my wife and I traveled from New Orleans to Cleveland and back two days later aboard Southwest. We had not flown for some time since we had retired in 1996 after many years overseas working for Air America and later for Pan AM's Government Services organization. The reason for the trip was for my wife to visit with a Doctor at the Ireland Cancer Center of the University Hospital to see if she would be qualified to participate in a trial that will be starting on 1 October. The trial is to find a drug that will work against Anaplastic Thyroid Cancers which, to date, has no cure and is one the most agressive cancers. On the way up to Cleveland, we had no problems with schedules or seating and her mood was calm but concerned. The Southwest personnel were very professional while also being cheerful and helpful. That helped her get ready for what would follow. The Doctor reviewed her files, scans, XRays, etc and found that she could qualify except for a small, but unknown to us, problem in her heart's electical wiring ( a branch block ). That news put her in a very depressed mood. The following morning we left Cleveland to return to New Orleans and the Southwest staff again were very professional and cheerful and offer help at every opportunity. Except for a maintenance delay in Cleveland, the flights were very smooth and we arrived back in New Orleans on time which raised her spirits since she would be able to feed her cats and take care of other things at home before calling it a day and, unfortunately, going over the events of the day before in the Ireland Cancer Center. Having a smooth flight in all respects was one less thing she had to contend with which I really appreciate. So, thanks to all at Southwest. FYI, we are not giving up and having her heart condition checked out more thoroughly in New Orlenas this week so, if her condition is not at limiting as the Cleveland folks think, we will try again to get her into the trial since that is her only hope at this point. If we do go back to Cleveland for the 1 October trial, we will be traveling on Southwest.