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‘Tis the Season for Change


As I’m writing this post and getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday, I can watch the gold and orange leaves fall to the ground outside of my office.  It doesn’t seem like over a year ago I wrote, “The ABC’s of the Southwest Airlines’ Corporate Community Affairs Team.”  Time has zipped by, and I’m no longer the new kid on the block.  As with the change of seasons, the team has a few exciting announcements, and I wanted to share the great news on the blog!

Now called “Community Affairs & Grassroots,” our team’s core mission of championing causes that matter most in the communities we serve hasn’t changed.  What has undeniably changed is the addition of our six special Team members: Monica Whalin, Patty Kryscha, Ana Schwager, Jane McAtee, Alison Hoefler, and Jacque Mallard.  What used to be a mighty all-female cast of seven is now a powerhouse baker’s dozen--with a combined 177 years of experience at Southwest!


Monica, our go-to lady for all Legislative Communications & Grassroots program efforts, LUVS skiing, traveling, shopping, and Dallas’ restaurant Fireside Pies.

If you can’t find Patty dining at a mom and pop Italian restaurant in Chicago, you may catch her working with our community partners in Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Boston, New York, Long Island, and Pittsburgh.  One thing’s for sure, you won’t find Patty at a chain restaurant.

Ana, who’ll be busy forging relationships in St. Louis, Detroit, Cleveland, Columbus, Indianapolis, Louisville, Nashville, and Omaha, can’t get enough hot tamales and likes globe trotting to New York and Paris…ahh, Parreee!

If Jane isn’t spreading the Southwest LUV in Denver or Kansas City, you may find her in Aspen or on the green hitting a hole in one.

When Chef Alison isn’t baking, watching the Food Network, or dining at Carnegie Deli in New York, she’ll be making waves in the Jacksonville, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Tampa, Ft. Myers, Ft. Lauderdale, Panama City, and Jackson communities.

Jacque, who has a hankering for big steaks and HOT Krispy Krème donuts (not at the same time), will be supporting our team from Dallas headquarters.

This Thanksgiving, I’m most thankful for my family, friends, and team
Frauleins: Laura, Lidia, Chris, Jackie, Karen, Anabell, Patty, Ana, Jane, Alison, Jacque, Monica, Laurie, and Linda.  

Happy "Gobble Gobble" to you and your families.





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Although the announcement is not supposed to be made until December, I log on everyday to see if they've posted the flights for Panama City. I live in Northern Virginia bu will be moving to the Gulf Coast next August. I have a week-long trip planned to Panama City starting Memorial Day Weekend and hope to fly out of BWI. Once we move to Florida, I plan on flying back north once a month to visit aging relatives in Virginia. I'll keep watching. Have a great Thanksgiving.
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As a customer and investor, I appreciate Southwest's continued investment in Omaha. The quick-turn airline and the quick-turn airport are a good match for each other, I believe. Everyone here really appreciates the quick and courteous service to Denver and to Chicago's friendly airport (MDW).
Hi Steve~ Congratulations on your upcoming move to the Gulf Coast! I was raised in Pensacola, and you're going to love the sugar white sand beaches. I live in California and really miss the warm Gulf Coast waters. Happy Thanksgiving and best of luck with your move! ~Kim Hi Jeff~ Thank you for your kind note and for flying Southwest, Happy Thanksgiving! ~Kim