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Travel Tip - Fast Fitness...

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Travel Tip: Fast Fitness Keeping fit on the road can be very difficult. The lack of good hotel workout facilities and eating out can lead to some definite problems. Who here likes bloat (aka jet belly)? How about gaining five pounds? How about being so jet-lagged you can barely keep your eyes open let alone enjoy your surroundings? I'm guessing very few of you. If you do like to be bloated please don't tell me. Cause.....ew. The best way to avoid these things is through a little physical exercise. If your hotel has a decent gym, by all means use it! Just getting in 30 minutes of cardio will work wonders. The more likely scenario is the lack of good equipment. That's where my trusty "gym in a bag" trick comes in handy. To get a full body workout that will keep you in tip-top shape you only need a few things:

  1. Exercise Bands/Tubes: These puppies come in multiple resistance levels. They are also small, light and can be used anywhere. Most even come with a book or DVD explaining the moves in detail so even the most clueless person can get a great workout.
  2. Jump Rope: Yep, this old school wonder strikes again. Remember the days of double dutch and who could jump the fastest? This one tool can burn a wicked amount of calories while you reminisce about your second grade crush. The only problem with this is sometimes the ceilings aren't tall enough and its frigid outside. But don't worry my friends! Pink JumpSnap has created a ropeless jump rope just for that problem. I have yet to try it, but it looks promising and its maker also donates money to The Breast Cancer Foundation. Now that's what I call a two-fer!
  3. Tunes: Music = motivation. I can't tell you how many times I've been able to push out that last mile on the treadmill because of Jay-Z or JT or some other rockin' song. I've had my iPod for two years now and absolutely love it. Any music player will do, but I specifically love it for the podcast downloads. This has been my favorite podcast so far. There are also other sites like ITRAIN and PumpOne where you can purchase pre-made workouts for your iPods.
  4. Yoga Paws (optional): 'Cause who really wants to schlep around a yoga mat?
  5. FitDeck (optional): Created by a Navy Seal to give you a complete workout in your hotel room or at home. Basically its a set of flashcards with exercises for your upper, lower, and core sections. You can mix and match, shuffle, or do the prescribed workout. Best of all--no equipment is needed. I haven't bought these yet but I'm tempted. There are only so many push ups you can do before it get veeerrrry boring.
  6. Towel: Last but not least. Peeps, if you plan on working out on the floor pleeeaase use the hotel bath towel as a barrier against germs. That is all.
Provided from my friend Ashley!
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How funny! I just stumbled upon Ashlie's blog last week. I know you included a link to the referenced post, but I think her blog deserves a more prominent link:
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Hi James, I know just what you mean! As a frequent traveller, I often have to endure long flights (on airlines that are not Southwest, which obviously doesn't help!), and jump time zones... Fortunately, we get put up in hotels that generally have good facilities, my favourite being a Pool... nothing like going for a swim to relax and get in a little exercise! and most times, they are open 24h (or almost), so if you're in a different time zone, you often have the pool for yourself! I always pack some running shoes, T shirt and shorts, and try and go for a little early morning run, when we're in a city for just 24 or 48 hours that's more often than not all the sightseeing we get to do! Although you have to check local rules/laws/customs carefully (i.e. in the USA, Jaywalking etc!), or work around the local infrastructure (some towns are just not designed for pedestrians and lack walkways!). And very often, we also get exercise in airports, running down the concourse due to a late gate change etc etc! :o)) Raphael
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Southwest is going South! After flying with Southwest since 1974, I was not able to change a flight that still had tickets available at an upgrade of $80 plus dollars. One of my office staff cancelled the wrong ticket and even though seats were still available on the flight I wanted, Southwest was not willing to change my ticket. My thousands of Frequent Flyer miles didn't mean a thing! Obviously, Herbert D. Kelleher(CEO) & his old buddy, Rollin King, obviously, have no knowledge of what goes on in the day-to-day operations of Southwest. What a sad day it is to see Southwest has become just like the rest! I used to think they had the best common sense Customer Service. No More! They have become like all the rest of the money grubbing airlines. Dave
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Just as a followup to Dr. Dave's comments. Our Customer Relations folks contacted the doctor, apologized that this issue had escalated to this point ,and they resolved the issue. Brian