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Wanna Get Away?

Adventurer C

This really has nothing to do with Southwest Airlines’ funny commercials that ask “Wanna get away?” when someone gets in a very embarrassing situation. This is more about having a place in your own house that you can go to and get away from everything around you, some place where you can relax. This room is one that I claimed when my wife and I bought our new home. (With her permission of course.) I converted the media room into a sports bar. Over the years I had collected all types of sports memorabilia just for this project and hoped that one day I would be able to use them.

I also collect Sports Illustrated covers, and I use them as part of the décor, along with all the Southwest Airlines memorabilia I have.


The biggest task of the sports bar project was building the bar itself, I guess my woodworking experience in high school paid off.


The room also has a basketball goal that was given to me by a friend, and yes, it’s the regulation height of ten feet. (It’s just for the look.)

 I recently came across a news article on

titled Man Caves and it was a story about guys who had the same idea as I did…having a place to hang out and entertain. I had no idea I was making a man cave.

My room is simply called “The Hangar.”  The name was chosen by a family member because I work on airplanes for a living and because I have just as much airplane stuff as I have sports stuff. I don’t only use “The Hangar” as my own private get away; we also use it to entertain. When family and friends come over we all go up and have drinks, watch sports, watch movies, or just sit back and listen to music.

Hey, at least my wife knows where to find me.