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We Get Ship Done!

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I may be the most spoiled Cargo guy in the airline industry.  And I mean that in a good way.  As Vice President Cargo and Charters for Southwest Airlines, each day I’m amazed by the efficient and Relentlessly Reliable® service our Employees across the SWA system provide our Customers, and once again, their dedication to excellence is recognized for awards because of that.  This year, we’re celebrating awards in excellence from Air Cargo World, Airforwarders Association (AfA), and Logistics Management Magazine.   All of these awards measure carriers based on multiple performance categories and while we typically rank well in all areas, they are continually recognized with the highest rankings in Customer Service and Performance. 

The continuous award recognition represents the tremendous commitment and hard work of our Employees in many different capacities across our system.  From Cargo, Ramp, and Operations Employees, to Pilots, Dispatchers, and the Cargo Management Group, Teamwork is apparent by the support received across our Company.   To celebrate the Teamwork that continues to win the hearts and minds of our Customers, I’m excited to share that we’re launching a brand NEW ad campaign featuring our biggest strength, our award-winning Employees.  We will continue to invest in our People and trust that both our internal and external Customers know that “We Get Ship Done.”  Our Employees’ energy around every shipment shows our Customers that we mean business.  They bring a work ethic that is unmatched in the industry.  When we ship, we ship with speed, efficiency, and dependability.  We Get Ship Done!

we get ship done

But, we can’t take all the credit.  We wouldn’t be recognized for our service if it weren’t for our great Customers.  I thank our Customers from the bottom of my heart for making our Employees the best in the industry for showing true dedication to excellence. 

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I remember driving down to Love Field in the mid 80's to ship a package to El Paso, Midland, or some other TX city. Our guy in the field needed it pronto. When I pulled out the cash to pay for it, I was informed that it would either have to sit on a shelf for 24 hours, or I could open it for inpection. Not having any tape with me to close it back up, the agent offered that if I used a credit card, it would ship right away. Fortunately I had one back then and off the package went. I guess people shipping dangerous packages back then didn't use credit cards. Plus, if it could be dangerous, who would want to let it sit in their building for a day?