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You Made Our Day! Gratitude, Travel Thanks, and Success Stories from our Southwest Customers


Our Vision at Southwest Airlines is to be the world’s most loved, most flown, and most profitable airline. We strive to deliver Outstanding Hospitality to our Customers day in and day out as we serve over 100 destinations across the U.S. and 10 additional countries. Our Employees are the Heart of our Company and interact daily with our Customers. Read more to hear some of the recent travel stories that our Customers shared with us!


family.jpgThanks to our Southwest Flight Crew, we escaped the ice!

Submitted by klrichardson85

After 2 years of planning a family vacation for 13 of us to travel to Mexico, the day for us to depart finally arrived. There was freezing rain that morning and our flight was delayed leaving Omaha due to de-icing that needed to take place before we could takeoff. Unfortunately, we were not going to make our connecting flight in Houston. We realized we were not the only ones in this situation; many others were not going to make their connections either.


As we waited, the Captain came on the intercom to announce that outgoing connecting flights would all be held! Our plane landed in Houston and we ran from gate 44 to gate 4, with 5 children ages 8 and under and my 82 year-old grandmother. Not an easy task, but we had only one trip and fall (the 5-year-old). We made it to the gate where our new Captain greeted us warmly and let us know they had reserved seats for us together to ensure we could sit with our children. When we boarded, we expected a couple seats here and there but were pleasantly surprised when the Flight Attendants blocked off a back section of the plane so we could all be seated together!


The Hospitality of Southwest and especially the Flight Crew made our trip so memorable! This is just one of the many reasons why I choose to fly Southwest whenever possible. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Southwest Airlines and the amazing Flight Crew that day! We had a great family vacation and it’s one we will remember for many years to come.



large.jpgStellar Service for our Stella

Submitted by CE

We made it home safe and sound from treatment. We cannot say enough about the Southwest staff at the Memphis airport. We have really bonded over the last several months with our multiple back and forth trips from our home to Memphis! Most of the Employees know Stella's name by heart. They welcome us like family every time we are in the airport! I would like to give a huge shout out to John, who works with Southwest to help transport Passengers to their gates. The distance between the security checkpoint and our gate is a pretty good hike. Stella has definitely gotten a lot of her spunk back since her bone marrow biopsy this past April at St. Jude; however, that hike can be too much for her. John always makes sure Stella gets a first class ride when he is working. Recently, he wasn't there when we checked in. I proceeded with the freshly cleaned wheelchair they had waiting for her at security. When John discovered he missed Stella, he tracked us down so he could escort his "princess" to the gate! Thank you making these trips a lot easier for me and our super girl, Stella! 



A Labor of Love large.jpg

Submitted by Demuju 

Last month my daughter called me after work and mentioned she had been feeling sick all day. She and her husband were expecting a baby in two weeks so we didn’t think anything of it and just assumed she was getting the flu. A few days later, she called again with the news that she was up all night having erratic contractions. I live in New York and they live in Wisconsin so I knew it would mean last minute air travel which can be extremely expensive, and there is always the challenge of winter weather.


My daughter and son-in-law said not to make the trip assuming it was probably pre-term labor and nothing to worry about. Despite this conversation, as a Grandma I knew this may be the real deal. Having spent the entire day worrying, she called that night to say nothing had changed—I went to bed disappointed. However, at midnight I received a call from my son-in-law saying they were in the birth center! It was definitely an “I told you so” moment. As soon as I received the phone call, I started wondering how I was going to get from New York to Wisconsin for the arrival of my new grandchild.


Luckily, Southwest came to my rescue! I was able to immediately book a flight and rent a car in the wee hours of the morning for same day travel! I was unbelievably excited. I successfully flew from New York to Milwaukee to see my brand new granddaughter and spend time with my family. I plan to give her a pair of Southwest wings early and teach her the love and joy of flying. Thank you, Southwest for making this Grandma’s last minute travel and dreams come true.


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