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"I Made A Fool Of Myself Over John Foster Dulles"

Those of us who are older than dirt (like me) and are fans of Carol Burnett (and who isn't?) will recognize this as the title of a ditty performed by a very young Miss Burnett on the Jack Paar Show in 1957. The erstwhile Secretary of State is also the namesake of Dulles International Airport in Virginia, which will become Southwest's newest destination airport later this year. Southwest is always looking for opportunities to provide our Positively Outrageous Service to an ever-growing slice of the American "pie," and adding Dulles to our "bakery case" is the right move at the right time. For years, Dulles was primarily the Washington/Baltimore area's longhaul and international airport. However, over the past decade as the population of Northern Virginia has virtually exploded, Dulles has added more and more short- to medium-haul service. The area is home to many large corporations, such as Nextel Communications, Inc. America Online Inc., MCI, and Oracle Corp, which has helped to fuel the surge in traffic at the facility. Architecture buffs–of which I'm one–will also appreciate Dulles International as one of the premier works of the famous Finnish architect, Eero Saarinen. Dulles Airport The soaring and spacious terminal design was meant to evoke the feeling of flight. The incredibly beautiful glass-and-concrete facility will be a wonderful addition to the ever-growing flock of Southwest destinations! Adding a new destination is always an interesting exercise for my workgroup, the Schedule Planning Department. We are always on the lookout for airports that are either under-served and over-priced. Dulles will be a terrific compliment to our large operation at the Baltimore/Washington airport, 45 miles to the northeast of Dulles. We'll announce destinations, schedules, and fares from Dulles this summer, so stay tuned. Otherwise–welcome to the new Southwest blog, and have an AWESOME day.