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Re: App saves boarding pass to Google Pay

Aviator A

@737 wrote:

Today I tried to retrieve my boarding pass and the text option forced me to Google Pay.  The former e-mail option is not longer available...just text. I have not tried to e-mail the text message but I suspect it will have the same Google Pay lock-up.  I have no Google accounts, I want nothing to do with Google, and I don't want apps that track my privacy. 


Is Southwest skimming revenue through a relationship with Google? Don't go there, SWA!! 



Did the link in the text not display your boarding pass, allowing you to then take a screenshot, or save to your photos app, or save to Google Pay?


FYI: Your phone is running Android, which was developed by and is owned by Google. Your phone "tracks your privacy" in many, many ways.


If you have the Southwest app installed you can access your boarding pass that way. If you don't have it installed, you would have to do so using Google Play Store.


It's very unlikely that Southwest receives any revenue from their use of Google Pay.