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Boarding - Chaos

Explorer C

Was boarding a plane with another airline today and OMG does it make me appreciate the boarding with SWA. 


The crew closed empty bens and told everyone to check bags. So if you were not Main1, you were assed out for overhead space. The plane is suppose to depart at 9:01 at 8:55 people are still boarding and others realizing there in the wrong seat. 


So SWA, you will never hear me complain about your boarding procedures. I have been flying for about 10yrs now and no one boards a plane faster are better. 


Everytime I fly another airline, the people don’t know there ABC’s are can’t count. I want to ask people where you the kid eating glue when we were learning our ABC’s?


Re: Boarding - Chaos

Aviator A

I'm glad you posted your story.


Yes, you are right. No airline boards a plane faster than SW. That's why it keeps the process. It allows a more effcient and profitable environment for the airline.


That is turn benefits passengers as it allows SW to keep it's fares relatively low.


Again, thanks for posting.