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Boarding priority

Explorer C

Hello I posted a discussion on boarding a couple of weeks ago and I appreciate everyone’s feedback I see my frustration is a lot of people’s frustration with Southwest!! We all know they monitor are discussions but we never get any feedback from them on this discussion!! We are there loyalist customers but refuse it guess to acknowledge the problem.. we’ll i got a new one today I am currently sitting on a Southwest flight from St. Louis to Tampa my home well this flight a southwest employee and two guest got to preboard before everyone else along with a couple with children that preboarded common Southwest  time to fix your problems!!! You want to make your loyalist flyers happy then do something like maybe if you are A- List Preferred then give us a 1-15 boarding number give us something for being loyal!!!!!!


Re: Boarding priority

Aviator B

You can not ask someone why they need a preboard slip.

"The Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information"