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Failed to add ticket to Apple Wallet

Explorer C

 Hi, after updating the iPhone to ios17.1.1 I can no longer add my tickets to my Apple wallet. I keep getting “Failed to load to Apple Wallet” and to try again. I have deleted and redownloaded the app multiple times and it doesn’t work. I even tried to text the ticket to my phone, but I see now that that link doesn’t work either. Is there any way to resolve this? 




Re: Failed to add ticket to Apple Wallet

Frequent Flyer A

Can you be sure to share this here: The team would love to learn more.

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Re: Failed to add ticket to Apple Wallet

Frequent Flyer C

If you are using a browser other than Safari give this a try: Open in the Safari browser, log in and try to send your boarding pass to Apple Wallet from there. Sometimes Apple Wallet doesn't like other browsers.