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First Time to fly Southwest - Questions

New Arrival

I am flying for the first time with Southwest.  I have purchased the early bird checkin.  My coworker who flies Southwest all the time told me that you do not have to go online and check in and that it does it automatically.  I am very skeptical about this.  My early bird check in time will be at 1:20 AM.

Can someone please tell me the process with this ?


Re: First Time to fly Southwest - Questions

Top Contributor

Southwest will automatically assign your boarding position becasue you bought the early bird check in. However, you will still need to check in and get your boarding pass - if for no other reason to get through TSA. You can get your boarding pass starting 24 hous before your scheduled flight time. It makes you no difference WHEN you get your boarding pass, you just need to get it before going through security.