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Horrible attitude / bad service by Mereoni from Southwest Airlines

Explorer C

June 6, 2024 - Flight 4470 Gate C31

I recently flew with Southwest for the first time, and it will definitely be my last. My experience was severely marred by Mereoni a staff or crew member  who was disrespectful, had a bad attitude, and kept my husband and me waiting to be the last to board. Despite my husband asking beforehand if we could sit together, this attendant was incredibly rude and dismissive, not just to us but to many other passengers in line as well.

We had already lost a previous flight and Southwest was our only option. The price was ridiculously overpriced, and for that amount, I would at least expect staff with a good attitude who don't add to the stress we were already encountering. When we purchased the ticket my husband and I brought up the importance of us sitting together, we were told it wouldn’t be an issue to sit next to each other since this flight was open seating. To make matters worse, my husband had received a boarding number a few positions ahead of mine. When he brought this up to Mereoni, mentioning that the person who sold us the ticket assured us it wouldn’t be an issue and that we could certainly sit together, the attendant still disregarded us.

We ended up being last to board, she held us back as if we were a problem, my husband and I didn’t get to sit next to each other. But honestly this wasn’t the issue, it was the bad attitude and the tone of her voice that made her rudeness to everyone unbearable. The lack of empathy and customer service from this staff member  was astonishing. Her behavior was completely unprofessional, and she should be removed from this position. Such poor treatment from a staff member is unacceptable and has ensured that Southwest has lost a customer.


Re: Horrible attitude / bad service by Mereoni from Southwest Airlines

Adventurer C

Sorry you had a bad experience. Southwest simply does not guarantee that adults can sit together, so it's unfortunate that you were give incorrect information. Regarding the separate boarding positions, this too is normal. Your boarding position is assigned in the order of check in. There were likely a couple other passengers who were checking in between the two of you. This is a customer forum so Southwest will not see your complaint here. If you'd like to submit your complaint to Southwest, you can do so here