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Maybe not assigned seats, but seat preference

Explorer C

I do not like the idea of assigned seats on SWA, it's what makes us different, however, for efficiency sake that no other airline is doing is loading people in the back of the plane first. Maybe if there were a ticket preference (cheaper fare?) where if you are willing to sit in the back of the plane, you get to board first, then middle, then front (higher fare). We would load back to front and get out of the gate faster with less time people going back and forth trying to find an empty seat. Just a thought.


Re: Maybe not assigned seats, but seat preference

Aviator C

I've actually recommended just what you are mentioning.


My plan is to sell tickets priced based upon boarding position.  A1 is the highest cost ticket and C60 is the cheapest.  Adjustments would be made for plane capacity and those with priority A group boarding.  

Re: Maybe not assigned seats, but seat preference

Aviator C

I'm A HUGE fan of the current model!

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Re: Maybe not assigned seats, but seat preference

Adventurer B

Isn't this EBCI, in a sense? That was so problematic that they eventually stopped selling it on most flights. My concern here is that this also further incentivizes preboarding abuse, and not 100% sure how family boarding would be accounted for if a group decides not to purchase connected positions (WN does not need bad press about families not sitting together like on F9 or NK)