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Not a happy traveler today

New Arrival

My husband and I are traveling to Jamaica from Austin. We paid for early bird. When we checked our bags, the service rep took my suitcase and flung it on the machine without saying a word to me. I asked if I was good to go, and he nodded. However, the nice rep that was next to him asked me if my passport had been verified. It had not (because the first rep was terrible at his job). So she looked at my passport and made some circles on my boarding pass. 


My boarding position was A34 and my husband was A35. When the lady took my boarding pass, she said it was not scanning and I needed to go see customer service. The same happened to my husband. So we lost our boarding positions and guess who was at the counter?! The same rude man that took my suitcase. He did not offer an explanation and moved very slowly. I asked what the problem was, and he said “Your passports weren’t  verified”. 


Needless to say, I am pretty frustrated. We had to board late and did not get optimal seats. I want a refund for our early bird purchases. 


Re: Not a happy traveler today

Top Contributor

Good morning..


Sorry to hear about your travel experience.


That being said, this is primarily a customer to customer forum. In order to obtain a refund, you should contact Southwest directly. You can do so via phone, twitter or e-mail. The upper left side of the following web page explains how to make contact.