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Re: Pre-boarding remains out of control

Explorer B

I have posted on this thread and have followed the thread for awhile and you are the first person to offer a real solution.  I have also began to book flights on other airlines due to people obviously taking advantage of the situation - and I am not referring to the people who actually need to pre-board for legitimate reasons.


if you can’t find another airline for your route you can always pay a few bucks extra to board in 1-15 which puts you in front of the A-Listers.  I have pre-tsa and have rarely seen the a-list security line faster than pre-tsa.  The only real advantage of Southwest I see is greater flexibility with last minute flight changes.  The a-list perks seem pretty limited.  I also don’t drink so I give away the limited drink coupons they send me as random acts of kindness in flight.