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Re: Preboarding Scammers

Adventurer C

I think a good rule is if you need assistance to pre-board, then you should be the last to get off which would allow you the needed assistance when exiting the plane as well.  It would also cause pause to those that don't.

Re: Preboarding Scammers

Adventurer C

Currently at gate flying from LAS to BUF, sitting in handicapped section since my wife is disabled. Lady next to me just got out of her wheelchair, announced she was going shopping, now she returns with two bags. This most definitely is a prime example of someone abusing the system. 

Re: Preboarding Scammers

Frequent Flyer B

 @Andysouthwest said "This most definitely is a prime example of someone abusing the system."


Not so fast, Andy.  Perhaps her disability was not mobility-related???


Most folks think "disability" = "wheelchair."  But there are so many more.  Think blindness or arm amputees...disabilities that you may notice.   And don't forget about persons with hidden disabilities (ulcerative colitis with the need to be near a lav, the pain of independent walking with ankylosing spondylitis, severe claustrophobia necessitating a bulkhead aisle seat, etc.).  No one should judge.


That being said, yes, there are also many who will abuse the system.  Not my business...I just don't concern myself with them.


I hope you and your wife had a safe flight.