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Rude customer service by supervisor Rich

New Arrival

Southwest Airlines it is so sad that I have to write this but today after noticing that my plane trip was booked wrong, I had to re-pay almost $300 to rebook another flight. Seeing as I fly almost 6 times a year the customer service has always been excellent, but after todays incident SADLY I will never fly with you again. The supervisor, Rich, who was called to help me did absolutely nothing to make me feel better and even after I told him that I always use them and that I would not be using them again if he couldn’t help me like they have in the past and he just shrugged his shoulders. Seriously I wasn’t asking for a free flight but how about making me priority since I had gotta A and now have to wait for the C section. Seriously Southwest Airlines your Customer service skill have  some major work that needs an updated. Being someone who works in customer service I can say that I would never let the customer leave unhappy. I guess when your multi million dollar company the people who actually make you that money don’t matter because I’m just one but that sucks and says a lot about your company’s views!!!!


Re: Rude customer service by supervisor Rich

Top Contributor

It appears you booked a new flight at the last minute and because of that received a C boarding position. That's certainly frustrating, but I'm not sure what anyone could have done for you at that point. The system assigns the best available boarding position so all the boarding positions ahead of you had already been assigned to someone so it would not have been possible to assign one to you. The only possibility would have been to request an early boarding position in the A1-A15 range but those too could have been sold out. Am I understanding the situation correctly?

Additionally, if you want to file a complaint with Southwest you should use one of methods listed under Contact Us on, this Community is a customer to customer forum and not setup to handle customer service issues.