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Saving seats

Explorer C

I had a very negative experience this evening on a flight with a woman saving seats for two co-workers.  If the Southwest seating policy is first-come-first served, then other passengers should be respectful.  Saving a seat for a child may be an exception, although you should be entering the plane together.  If sitting together is your priority, then Southwest offers an option to pay $15 extra for priority seating or fly another airline with reserved seating.  Otherwise, it is OPEN seating.  This passenger got aggressive and threatened me after I sat down.

I am disappointed that Southwest is putting the onus on their passengers to deal with this issue.  Some passengers are being very rude, feeling entitled to save seats because they entered before other passengers.  It makes for a very awkward and unpleasant flying experience.  I wish Southwest would initiate a common sense policy and deal with this growing issue directly.


Re: Saving seats

Frequent Flyer C



Ditto. I have had several off experiences.  After much thought I now ask if the passenger is on the bird, kindly assuming they have gone somewhere on the plane, when the answer is no, I express gratitude for open seating and  express my happiness for the seat it which will make the flight enjoyable. The approach seems to alert and add ease for the swa fa involved, one last note. I expect the other passanger to be a bit off... sort of like a toddler when you take something away... in the case they are not disappointed and are kind it is a win win....either way then I enjoy the luv, fun and safe flight.


happy flying


Re: Saving seats

Explorer C

I agree. I am so tired of people saving seats for passengers in later boarding groups! SW employees ignore what is going on. I love SW Airlines but this policy is just wrong.