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Southwest Let us down

Explorer C

I scheduled my first vacation in almost 20 years to take my granddaughter to Florida. We were supposed to go home today and did everything we were supposed to to make sure we were here for the flight. They canceled our flight a few hours before we we supposed to leave. Now we are at the airport with no where to go until tomorrow afternoon. When I ask the Southwest flight person at the desk she just said that's up to me not there problem just flights get canceled all the time. I booked and paid for a direct flight and the only flight they could get me on was one that's going to Boston first making what was supposed to be a 2 hour flight almost 5 1/2 hour and I got bumped from boarding group A to B. Not to mention what am I supposed to do with my granddaughter until tomorrow afternoon. We are stuck at the airport with no where to go. Very disappointed that Southwest cares so little for there passengers/rewards members. This has been the worst. 


Re: Southwest Let us down

Aviator A

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